About Us

Joe's Auto Body offers only the highest quality procedures and materials for tractor restoration. Working in 26 states and Europe, we show a ninety percent repeat and referral rate. Treating all our customers as family, we believe in doing superior quality work on every job.

Joe Joas opened Joe's Auto Body in 1971, across the road from his family's farm. He collected antique tractors and began with restoring his own tractors in between auto body repair jobs. Then, in 1980, he started collecting and restoring tractors for customers. By 1995, Joe stopped doing auto body repair and began full-time with tractor restoration. At that time his son, Mike, joined the business and they decided to follow their real passion which is tractor restoration.

Joe's Auto Body is a family business. Joe's wife, Marilyn, helps with touch-up and tractor cleaning before delivery. Mike's wife, Tanya, is the business secretary, and their sons, Ethan and Cody, also help in the business.

Materials, Procedures & Techniques

This father-son team uses all their knowledge, tooling and techniques gained through auto body repair in their restorations. Over the years, they have purchased additional tools specific to tractors, as well as thousands of tractor manuals.

Joe and Mike network with many different shops which assist in parts fabrication. Joe's Auto Body has established relationships with multiple distributorships for after-market part supplies and has located over 300 different sources for hard to find parts. Joe has made over 100 different jigs to hold fenders, seats, rims, as well as a jig to hold an entire tractor in order to ensure the highest quality paint job.

Joe and Mike are certified painters and keep current with the constantly changing paint industry. They are experienced in epoxy, urethane, self-etching primers, sealers and single-stage urethane paint. With the correct surface preparation, the resulting shine is the same as a two-stage paint. Drawing on their experience in the auto body repair field, Joe and Mike do not use clear coat on their work and feel they use the best paints for longevity.